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How to find the right customers for their products.

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In order to find the precise customer groups must have the following 1 elements of our products are suitable for use with 2 of these products were probably at what age 3 or so the price of our products. How much income people use 4 for this type of products usually have what qualities 5 such groups custom backpacks are used and those hobbies! 1 our products are suitable for those who use. We are looking for customers when the first thing is the positioning of the crowd, take the charm of a shopping street, this is a female shopping site, all of the above products are women! So Outdoor goods  Supplier we are looking for customers when it is very clear! Target female group. 2 people who use these products about what age. We're looking for a female client! But are all the women of all ages available on the shopping mall?! It is obvious that the products of the charming shopping street are suitable for women who are about 18 to 30 years old! So our goal is 18 to the age of 30. 3 the price of our products are suitable for the number of people. We know that the price positioning is very important! It can directly affect your volume, or just take the charm of shopping street wholesale backpacks this website! The site is basically the price of the products are aimed at low-income female friends! So our goal is ordinary white-collar blue collar students. 4 what are the qualities of people with this type of product?. With more than three positioning words! The China Backpack manufacturer fourth is easy to understand, like all these women, regardless of quality, economy, purchasing power, are in line with our requirements, and this kind of people are in the pursuit of fashion, there is some jealousy. 5 what are the habits and hobbies of this group?. So how do we get to know the habits and preferences of these women?! There is no doubt that in our side or the use of our daily lives in a variety of chat tools! To understand! For instance! Through QQ group, WeChat, unfamiliar street, and other chat tools can easily understand.