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Introduction to outdoor sports

Time: 2017-03-13 17:35  View:61

Introduction to outdoor sports

Outdoor sports, is a group of natural events held in the community. Including mountain climbing, rock climbing, downhill cliff, camping, picnic, orienteering, streams, exploration projects, exploration of most with outdoor leisure sports, belonging to the limit and submaximal exercise, challenging and stimulating, great embrace nature, self challenge.

Conventional equipment

Tent (not everyone must):

3 aluminum rod (in green frog account is the most used Holiday, but not to buy, about 800-1000) has the advantages of wind resistance, good water resistance, 6-7 winds can carry live, this is enough to use in the general outdoor activities, people can live 2-3, but this the tent for the soft bottom, in order to prevent abrasion and scratch is best matched with a mat in the tent.

Emergency suit (mountain climbing):

The charge for shell [3], Dan Chongfeng lint warm clothing, two sets, three in one jacket, but no matter what kind of jackets is exquisite technology and fabric, waterproof press a good jacket every hour at least not less than 5000mm, in the process of the main laser cutting and waterproof zipper the total pressure, rubber waterproof technology.

The stove (not necessary per person):

There is a kind of gold aluminum alcohol pot, pot, can burn liquid and solid alcohol, and has a certain wind resistance performance.

Sleeping bags: many outdoor stores have four hole cotton sleeping bags, very suitable for spring and summer autumn season, the use of three. There is a down sleeping bag, suitable for use in winter.

Backpack (general ladies need 45-55 liters, men need more than 55 liters):

The backpack outdoor sports is the most used BigPack, the price is too expensive, but the strength, structure and suspension system is very good, is about domestic can buy the best backpack, the only drawback is put sundry bag too little. There is a more than and 100 can buy a military camouflage backpack, volume is large enough (about 70-80 liters), intensity is high enough, is not very good on system, back up more tired, also not easy to plug things.

Good hiking shoes not only easy to go, the most important thing is to protect the feet. Outdoor sports in the general requirements for climbing shoes are high (to protect the ankle, to avoid the sand), hard bottom, the soles of the rough and wear-resistant pattern, it is best to do waterproof breathable.

Cashmere underwear:

The best insulation layer, the direct wear is also good, not the pursuit of brand-name.


The special hand cut glass and glue cotton gloves can prevent sharp thorn wear, involving Xi can be anti wear, if the slip in the stream, with hand support can also increase the friction. [4]


There is a combination of 1.3 litre kettle (with green canvas jacket and a set of bowl in pot), if the outdoor sports in the winter to acquire stainless steel vacuum thermos bottle, in addition, a large coke bottle is also a good choice, very light, and can see how much water is left, just can't put the boiling water.